Ashton Heights Civic Association 04/18/2018

Meeting Minutes

Scott Sklar, AHCA President, called the meeting to order at approximately 7:30 PM.  

Reports from our various community committees:

Dave Phillps from our Development/Zoning Committee reported on the following:

  1. Our community has made it clear to the developer, with plans for the Staples lot and surrounding area, that we will not be supporting any project that exceeds any of the current zoning restrictions/limitations.  
  2. The Beer Lot at 10th and Wilson Blvd. is showing some signs of activity this Spring.  They did get a county permit last year to establish their beer garden, but now need to get an extension on their lease in order to be financially feasible. 

Jim Feaster, who serves as our Neighborhood Conservation Representative will be leaving this role to pursue further duties with the county aging commission.  Two people expressed interest in maybe serving in the Neighborhood Conservation Representative role.  Scott asked them to contact Jim and suggested that they could both serve as co-representatives or one as a backup in this role. 

Patrick Lueb, Chair of our Transportation Committee mentioned that North 10th Street oversight is being turned over from the state to Arlington County soon.  This will allow the county to make revisions to this road including adding bicycle lanes. 

AHCA Crime & Safety Chair Christina Schultz is asking for everyone to complete the community survey.  The Arlington County Police Liaison rep has not been attending our meetings for the last few months because she has been serving in Puerto Rico. 

Both Gregory Morse and Caroline Rogus CoChairs of the AHCA Schools Committee talked briefly about what is going on with our schools.  

  1. The new boundaries drawn for the county elementary schools do not impact the kids in our neighborhood attending Long Branch Elementary School.  
  2. Discussion is on-going by the Arlington County School Board about where the new high school will be located.  Initially they anticipate the need for 700 additional seats by 2019 and an additional 800 seats by 2022, so this need needs to be addressed quickly.  They are looking at using part of the Arlington County Career Center site as a possibility, and there is concern from members of the AH School Committee that it needs to meet the same standards as the three existing high schools.  They want another letter sent to the County School Board reflecting AHCA concensus recommendations and  concerns and would like input from the AH community before it is sent. 

Lt. Robert Bowen from the Arlington County Fire Department led the Hands2Hearts Program.  This was hands-on training in the event of cardiac arrest. And AHCA members learned CPR on dummies as well as handing a defibrillator.

Jessica Vasquez from the Arlington Office of Senior Adult Programs gave a talk about the 55+ Program. 

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:55 pm, and AHCA members mingled, finished up the food and put away chairs. 

Respectfully submitted by, Jodie Flakowicz, April 20, 2018.