Ashton Heights Civic Association 05/17/2017
Meeting Minutes

Scott Sklar, AHCA President, called the meeting to order at approximately 7:31 pm
First off he provided accolades to Ann Felker and Rita O’Brien for providing such wonderful munchies for our meetings for this past year.
He also mentioned how Brooke Alexander, our Tree Canopy Steward, has gone way beyond the norm in overseeing our neighborhood tree canopy needs. First with shadowing the county workers installing the new gas line through our neighborhood, to ensure that our trees our protected from injury or damage from their work. She has also taken this on with recent repairs to the bike trail that also cuts through our neighborhood. She is drafting up a Letter of Appreciation that the Ashton Heights Civic Association would like to present to the Washington-Lee Apartment Manager, who has been taking care of 13 newly planted trees, provided by the county last year, and 25 newly planted trees, also provided by the county, this year.
He also expressed appreciation to Julia Tanner who has been serving as the head of the Crime and Safety Committee and has also agreed to take on the Vice President for Programs role for this coming year.
Scott then introduced us to Officer Smithgall’s replacement, Officer Jennifer Levy. She will be taking on his POC role with Ashton Heights in June.
Francesca Guerrero, the head of our Playgrounds and Parks Subcommittee, was mentioned for her super support in keeping Ashton Heights apprised of that latest in local playgrounds and parks. She mentioned that:
Mosaic Park design has gone back to the drawing board, since recent designs cost too much.
She is working on creating a list of “principles” with respect to Ashton Heights expectations for nearby playgrounds/parks.
Finally, the new Lubber Run Recreation Center design has been approved and they are moving forward with getting a request for bids out.
He expressed appreciation to Dan Berkland who took on the duties of the Editor of our newsletter this year.
Patrick Lueb, our Transportation Committee head was also praised for his support this past year.
Scott also expressed appreciate for the load of ongoing projects that David Phillips and Jack Spilsbury had been taking on, as our Development and Zoning Committee. They mentioned 6 recent issues:
1. The Highland Motor Inn – county would not allow rezoning of the parking lot space
2. The Staples redevelopment proposal – has been withdrawn
3. 638 Kenmore Street Pipe Stem Lot request – has been withdrawn, but will be resubmitted for the June Meeting of the County Board.
4. Tiki Bars – are liked and disliked in the neighborhood
5. Pershing Manor – is up for sale again
6. The Beer Garden Proposal for the lot at 10th St. and Wilson Blvd. Concerns include:
Entry/exits impact on local traffic
Indoor/Outdoor seating – 90 seats outdoor
Only 16 parking spaces on the property
Drunken kids venturing out into this very busy intersection.
No news from the Neighborhood Conservation Team, Jim Feaster and Ken Matzkin.
The Ashton Heights Neighborhood Yardsale is this Saturday along with the Lyon Park Spring Fling.

The following people were then elected to the Ashton Heights Executive Committee:

Scott Sklar – President
Julia Tanner – Vice President, Programs
Jim O’Brien – Vice President, Membership
Doug Williams – Treasurer
Jodie Flakowicz – Secretary
Jim Richardson – Member-at-Large
Jim Feaster – Member-at-Large
Ken Matzkin – Member-at-Large
Patrick Lueb – Member-at-Large

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:00 pm, and the AHCA members mingled, finished up the food and put away chairs.

Respectfully submitted by, Jodie Flakowicz, May 18, 2017.