Ashton Heights Civic Association 04/19/2017
Meeting Minutes

Scott Sklar, AHCA President, called the meeting to order at approximately 7:30 PM.
He announced that Eric Goldstein, the Vice President for Programs is leaving Ashton Heights and we need a replacement. Anyone interested should contact Scott.
In an “ARLNow” posting it was announced that a car lot located at 10th St. and Wilson Blvd. will be turned into a beer garden. Come to find that in order for this to happen a business like this has to be connected to a restaurant, which does not exist.
There have been complaints about the bus being used by the Community House on Jackson St. It has been observed that the driver has left the bus while bus riders from the house are left alone in the bus unattended. Scott talked with the manager about this and he is ensuring that this not happen again.
There have also been complaints about traffic backups, road closings and nails being dropped on 10th Street due to construction at the 10th Street Flats. Scott talked with Clark Construction Company about this, and this has also been fixed.
Scott also introduced us to the new co-chair of the AHCA Development Committee with David Phillips. His name is Jack Spilsbury.

Arlington County Police, Officer Patrick Smithgall,
The Police are having a book drive every Thursday to collect used books for kids for a county reading program. Donated books can be brought to each of our fire stations where boxes will be available to collect them.
On 4/29/2017 is the National Drug Take Back Drive, where people who have expired prescription drugs can bring them to any Arlington fire stations for proper disposal.
21 criminal incidents reported for this last month, which is less than usual. April is usually the highest month for such activity.
The Arlington Crime Detection Unit will be happy to come to your home to advise homeowners about ways to help prevent criminal activity around their houses. Please call to set up an appointment.
There have been a number of 7/11 robberies lately. Arrests were made for the recent robbery of the 7/11 on Washington Blvd. This group of criminals has been connected to 7 – 8 other robberies in the area.
There also have been a number of car break-ins reported near the Falls Church Metro Stations. Please keep and eye out for kids wandering neighborhoods late at night, which may be suspicious. If you see any suspicious activity feel free to call the police to check it out.

Jim Terpster, Historian for Ashton Heights – He would like to plan a history of Arlington talk and tour in the near future and would like to know if there is any interest for this in our neighborhood. Please let him know of any interest. Also, if anyone has any historical photos or stories of or about your home, he would appreciate you passing this information to him.

Brooke Alexander – Tree Canopy and Native Plants Subcommittee

Reported that 22 new native trees have been planted in our neighborhood.
25 trees were also planted along Route 50 near the Washington Lee Apartments. She mentioned that the resident manager for this complex has gone out of her way to ensure that the 25 new trees are watered properly. Scott suggested that we acknowledge her good deed with a special commendation for her good service from our community. Brook is going to look into this.
Brooke also mentioned that Washington Gas is committed to putting things back to the way they were for any areas that they have been doing work including bike trails. Brook thinks that bike trails were originally 7-8 feet wide, but more recently Washington Gas has seemed to have made them wider. Scott suggested to Brook that Patrick Lueb, our Transportation Committee Chair, look into this.

Tom Hutchings, Senior Capital Project Manager for the Department of Environmental Services, Division of Transportation from Arlington County gave an update re the status of Clarendon Circle and the small-scale updates of Wilson Blvd to the West..

Michelle Brydges, from Arlington Neighborhood Village gave a talk about the Arlington Neighborhood Village Program.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm, and AHCA members mingled, finished up the food and put away chairs.

Respectfully submitted by, Jodie Flakowicz, April 25, 2017.