Ashton Heights Civic Association
Meeting Minutes 11/15/2017

Scott Sklar, AHCA President, called the meeting to order at approximately 7:31 pm.
First off he provided accolades to Ann Felker and Rita O’Brien for providing such wonderful munchies again this evening.
He also expressed appreciation to Julia Tanner for arranging our meeting programs.
He revised our Community By-laws so they reflect the reality of how our meetings and committees actually work. This has been reviewed and approved by our Executive Committee. He has emailed it out to our community this evening for their review. If there are any concerns or questions, please email them to him. He will bring the revised By-Laws to a vote on the new By-Laws at our January 2018 meeting.
There have been complaints about motorists not respecting crosswalks on North 10th Street and the fact that cars are not stopping for pedestrians at these locations. Scott has shared these complaints with the Arlington Police to increase their presence and ticket motorists.
Jim Richardson has mentioned that there have been further complaints about the Community House for the functionally disabled on Jackson, about activities going on late at night and concerns that this location is being used as an office. It has been confirmed that this location is not being being used as an office which has been conveyed to the surrounding residences.

Dave Phillips, on our Development and Zoning Committee
Has been looking into the parking near multifamily residences issue.
He has also been keeping an eye on the Staples project, on which he has nothing new to report.
The variance notice for 814 Ivy Street was merely recognizing that there is no longer a need for variance. There had been a daycare operation at this site, but it’s been gone for many years.
The accessory building issue will be discussed at a County Hearing on 11/27/2017. Write your concerns to Scott Sklar or Dave Phillips or attend the meeting yourself.
There have been concerns with the WBM Used Car Lot staff parking trucks on Ivy and Irving Streets, blocking the view of traffic attempting to turn onto North 10th Street from each of these streets. Scott met with the owner and for this past week, the staff have been complying with our requests to not park their trucks on Ivy and Irving Streets.

There was a question about what VDOT was doing at the intersection of Irving Street and Route 50. It was confirmed that this VDOT Project was approved years ago to have the intersection upgraded.
Brooke Alexander, our Tree Canopy and Native Plants Subcommittee, reported that tonight was the deadline to get in your application for a tree from the County Tree Canopy Pool.

Gregory Morse, from our Schools Committee, reported that with respect to the county’s rezoning efforts that Thomas Jefferson will remain the middle school that Ashton Heights students will be attending.

There as a question about what was happening with the proposed Beer Garden on the empty lot at the corner of North 10th Street and Wilson Blvd. Obviously the Beer Garden did not happen this past Summer, but there was some talk that it may be attempted again for this coming Summer 2018.

Scott Sklar mentioned that at the corner of Wilson Blvd and North 10th Street, (near the electrical substation), he found the electromagnetic field (EMF) readings to be “through the roof”. He is getting together with two other area professors in this field, who can do similar readings to confirm his findings. He will keep us abreast of their findings and if need be will send Dominion Electric a letter sharing their findings and concerns.

There was a question about the land use changes being proposed for the YMCA located on North 13th Street, but we are unsure if we should get involved since it is so far from our community.

Alonso Abugattas, a Natural Resources Manager from the Arlington County Park Authority gave a talk about Living With the Wildlife Among Us.

Jay Fisette the Chair of the Arlington County Board and neighbor gave a talk about past lessons and future vision for Arlington. He will be retiring from this post in a few weeks.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:00 pm, and the AHCA members mingled, finished up the food and put away chairs.

Respectfully submitted by Jodie Flakowicz, November 20, 2017.