Ashton Heights Civic Association (AHCA) Minutes

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

AHCA President Scott Sklar called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM sharp in the Methodist Church social hall. Sklar called out for applause for our newsletter editor Daniel Berkland and for the food layout by Ann Felker.

Brooke Alexander, Chair of the AHCA Tree Canopy and Native Plants Subcommittee, advised that the Arlington County Tree Canopy program is starting, and she handed out a sheet to submit for obtaining free trees of different species.

Denny Edelbrock spoke briefly of the BunnyHop run he is organizing for charity, and handed out information on the event, hoping to attract 1000 sponsored runners.

Sklar asked for some AHCA Committee reports. David Phillips who CoChairs the AHCA Development Committee discussed the two major development issues: Staples lot (Oakland St) and the beer garden lot (corner of 10th St and Wilson Blvd). Both are still going slow.  Greg Morse who CoChairs the AHCA
Schools Committee said he would defer to Arlington School Board speaker who was about to present.

Sklar handed out a draft for approval of an AHCA stance against the Arlington county proposal to reduce required parking spaces within multi-unit buildings from the 1.0 space per unit down to 0.2 – 0.6. After much discussion, the membership voted overwhelmingly in favor of the proposal with the added
guidance that we advocate to explicitly for the 1.0 space, accelerate the ease of streets to adopt neighborhood parking with a simple majority, and beef of neighborhood parking enforcement. And that if the County wants to dip from time-to-time from the 1 space requirement for certain other community
benefits, that process include civic association input in a more transparent process.

Nancy van Doren of the Arlington School Board made a presentation and answered questions. Handed out a brochure on schools, discussed school boundaries, new potential schools, and student growth in the school district.

A team from Dominion Power presented on tree trimming for electric power reliability and safety. Questions were about the contractors, notice on the utility bill and in the mail to each house, and use of the web site to raise trimming issues before they come. Also they gave out a pamphlet on selecting the correct type of trees near electric power lines.

The meeting was adjourned promptly at 9:00 PM.  Minutes respectfully compiled and submitted by Scott Sklar.