Ashton Heights Civic Association 09/20/2017
Meeting Minutes

Scott Sklar, AHCA President, called the meeting to order at approximately 6:30 PM.

Scott expressed his appreciation for Carmen Kosik’s efforts soliciting advertisements for our newsletter, which help pay for getting our newsletters printed.

Jim Feaster, our Neighborhood Conservation Rep is looking into the latest developments with “accessory dwellings” in the county. Any concerns, please contact him or Scott.

Two additional stop signs have been installed at the Pershing and Irving intersections. It has been taking time for people to notice and to adhere to these new signs. Patrick Lueb as our Transportation Rep had additional signage put up and additional police presence provided to ensure these new signs were adhered to.

Rita O’Brien announced that Culpepper Gardens will be having an Neighborhood Open House on October 1, 2017, 2 – 4 pm

Arlington County Police, Officer Patrick Keen,
He introduced Sgt. Chris Feltman as a new member of their team.
There has been little crime to report except that the number of cars being broken into continues to rise. For each case reported, it was determined that all the cars had been left unlocked. Please lock your cars!
There was an after-hours burglary at Mario’s.
He explained the “skimmers” problem at gas stations, where gas pumps are used to skim and copy credit card numbers of those using the gas pumps at gas stations. Be mindful of this problem.
With the warmer weather, please make sure you secure your windows before leaving your house. Windows left open are just encouraging people to break in.
The jury duty scams and grandchild scams continue.
Officer Lennon mentioned that on October 4, 2017 from 9 – 11 there will be a “Coffee with a Cop” function at the Starbuck’s at Lee Heights.

Jim O’Brien, our Treasurer announced that he was available to take membership dues during the meeting. $15 per person or $25 per household.

Scott asked that if anyone had anything to report about the group homes on Jackson St., good or bad, please let him know.

Gregory Morse, our Schools Committee Co-Chair mentioned that there are a number of issues out there with relation to our schools. It’s a bit confusing with what info the School Board is sharing and what info they would like input about. Greg will be posting a copy to our Ashton Heights list serve for people to review.

Eliza Hoskins mentioned that this Saturday it will be Clarendon Day from 11 – 6 pm. Areas of Clarendon will have streets blocked off for booths and vendors to set up to celebrate.

Jack Spilsbury, our Development Committee Co-Chair mentioned a few items happening in development around our neighborhood.
The proposed hotel for the Staples site: At this point, there is nothing new to report.
The Beer Garden that was being proposed for the corner of 10th St. and Wilson Blvd. seems to not be moving forward at this time. There were a number of meetings with the owners of this proposed plan, with some of our community members, when concerns about this endeavor were expressed. Originally they were aiming to open this business this Summer, but obviously it has not happened.
The B&B proposal for the house on Pershing St. has been rejected by the County Board.
There has been a resolution made between the homeowner and the concerned neighbors for the house being proposed at 638 Kenmore St. Construction has begun.

Ann Felker introduced us to approximately 11 kids from our Kids, Inc. Entrepreneurs list.

Barbara Swart of the Barcroft Civic Association gave a presentation about supporting a goal for the county to transition to 100% renewable electricity by 2035 and what we can do to support this effort. She also talked about going solar in Arlington and how to do our own energy assessments for our properties

At the conclusion of Barbara Swart’s presentation it was proposed that the Ashton Heights Civic Association support the resolution in favor of the Community Energy Plan and the transition to renewable electricity by 2035, which was then seconded. The County Board will be notified of our support of this effort.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm, and AHCA members mingled, finished up the food and put away chairs.

Respectfully submitted by, Jodie Flakowicz, September 23, 2017.