90th Anniversary

In 2011, Ashton Heights is celebrating its 90th anniversary.

Ashton Heights

In 1919, realtor Ashton C. Jones purchased 61 acres of land bounded by present-day 5th Street North, North Nelson Street, the Columbia Gardens Cemetery, 2nd Street North, and North Irving Street. He mapped out one subdivision on each side of Cathcart Road (now North Pershing Drive ), then combined the two and in 1921 formally filed the larger subdivision which he named Ashton Heights. Additional blocks were added over the next fifteen years by various developers, and the neighborhood soon extended to encompass the whole residential area now bounded by Wilson Boulevard, 10th Street North, North Irving Street, Arlington Boulevard, and North Glebe Road.

Check out some of Ann Felker’s childhood memories of Ashton Heights.

National Register of Historic Places: the Ashton Heights Historic District is listed in the National Register of Historic Places (for more information about National Register properties in Arlington, contact program staff at 703.228.3813).

Arlington County Historic Preservation: The Arlington County Board adopted the Historic Preservation Master Planin December 2006. It established the Arlington County Historic Resources Inventory which lists five categories of historic buildings in the County: EssentialImportantNotableMinor; and Demolished.