The Neighborhood Conservation Program was created by the County Board in 1964 as a tool to provide funding for a variety of capital improvement projects such as sidewalks, curbs and gutters, streetlights, park improvements, neighborhood art, and beautification. As a participating neighborhood, Ashton Heights is represented by a Neighborhood Conservation Representative that participates on the Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee (NCAC), a body that selects plan based improvement projects for funding. Projects are based on written plans submitted to the County for review and acceptance.


Ashton Heights NC Representative: Jim Feaster
Alternate NC representative: Ken Matzkin

Current Ashton Heights Project

  • Oakland Street: request for a sidewalk on Oakland from 500 block south to Arlington Blvd (Rte 50). Block Captain: Francesca Guerrero.  Nominated by AHCA to NC queue 4/21/2011.

Completed Ashton Heights Projects

  • N Ivy Street – N 10th Street to below 8th Rd  N. – Phase I & II (funded 2/7/2004): Improvement and/or installation of streetlights, curbs, gutters and sidewalks.  Block Captain: Celia Slater.  Initiated by Louis Lane.
  • 1st St. N. – N. Irving St. to N. Jackson Street: 1st from Irving to Jackson. Initiated to provide curbs, a sidewalk and drainage.  Block Captain: Carrie Johnson (funded 8/25/2004)
  • N Irving St. – 2nd Road N. to Pershing Drive:  Initiated to correct drainage and provide curbs. Irving St. divides Ashton Heights and Lyon Park and the project benefited both neighborhoods.  Block Captain: Moira Sechrest (funded 12/28/2005)
  • N. Piedmont Street – 5th St N. to 6th St North: Initiated to provide curbs, sidewalk, correct drainage.  Block Captain: Carla Schoepfle.