The Ashton Heights Civic Association is an active participant in Arlington County planning and development activities concerning the Ashton Heights neigborhood.  Our effectiveness comes from the participation of Ashton Heights residents.  On this page you can find updates on development projects concerning Ashton Heights and links to past decisions on development issues concerning Ashton Heights.

The Arlington County Planning Commission is a citizen advisory board (Members) authorized by the Virginia State Code to promote the orderly development of the locality and its environs by advising the Arlington County Board on land use matters.  Its committees include the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC), Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) and Zoning Committee (ZOCO).

Current Development Projects

  • Virginia Square Towers Project (VA SQ) — Developer: Dittmar.
  • 3001 Washington Blvd Project (Clarendon) — Developer: Penzance Company
  • Garfield Park (Lyon Park) — Developer: TCS Realty Associates
  • Lee Shopping Center (Lyon Park) — Developer: Equity Residential

Completed Development Projects

Relevant Arlington County Planning Documents

North Quincy Street Plan: AHCA members helped to develop a plan for the block bordered by Quincy St., Wilson Blvd, Glebe Rd., & Randolph St.  The North Quincy Street Plan is divided into five sections.  The Plan which provides a conceptual plan for the future development of the area, was adopted by the County Board on February 4, 1995. North Quincy Street Plan.

Clarendon Sector Plan: In 2006, Joan Fitzgerald and Jim Richardson served on a committee to update the sector plan for Clarendon, a detailed review of zoning, plans, and regulations affecting our area. This document provides a set of updated policies, recommendations, and urban design guidelines to shape future redevelopment activities over the next 15-20 years.  The plan includes concept and illustrative plans, which illustrate the “urban village” vision of a mixed-use, pedestrian- and transit-oriented development surrounding the Clarendon Metro station.  This Plan includes 47 specific policies on density, use mix, building heights and step-backs, public spaces, historic preservation, transportation, and parking, as well as and urban design guidelines.

Ballston Sector Plan: This Plan includes sections on land use and zoning, transportation, community facilities, commercial development, utilities and urban design. (1980).  In 1991, the County released the Ballston Sector Plan Summary.

Comprehensive Plan:  Arlington County’s Comprehensive Plan guides the development of the County through the provision of high standards of public services and facilities.  It was approved by the County Board between June 1995 and June 2000.  In addition, a Five Year Review of the Comprehensive Plan, comprised of nine separate elements (the General Land Use Plan, the Master Transportation Plan, the Storm Water Sewer Plan, the Water Distribution System Master Plan, the Sanitary Sewer System Master Plan, the Recycling Program Implementation Plan, the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance, the Public Spaces Master Plan, and finally the Historic Preservation Master Plan), was created to update the original plan.

  • General Land Use Plan (GLUP) is the primary policy guide for the future development of the County.  The Plan establishes the overall character, extent and location of various land uses and serves as a guide to communicate the policy of the County Board to citizens, the business community, developers and others involved in the development of Arlington County. Each land use designation on the GLUP map indicates a range of densities and typical uses for that general location. General Land Use Plan.