Residential Building & Zoning

The Arlington County Department of Community Planning, Housing and Development (CPD) is the primary source on issues involving questions about residential building and zoning.  This is the department to call if you suspect that there is a problem with compliance with zoning or other codes.  Their phone number is 703-228-3535, and they will direct you to the correct office from that number.  Their main page on the county web site will also provide contact information and much information about CPHD programs.

Traffic Issues

To report potholes or problems with residential sidewalks or curbs and gutters, call the Department of Environmental Services Customer Services Call Center at 703-228-6570 during work hours, or fill out the report form online.  Traffic sign issues are addressed by calling the DES Customer Services Call Center.  Driveway aprons are the responsibility of the homeowner and can be replaced by the Water Sewer Streets Bureau, phone 703-228-6555.

Environment, Recycling, Trees

The Arlington County Department of Environmental services is responsible for environmental issues and trash collection, to include special pickups for large objects and brush.  They are also responsible for recycling, street sweeping, and hazardous material.  Their home page on the County website is a good place to start looking for infromation and contacts on particular areas.

County Regulations

Arlington County regulations are contained in the Arlington County Code.   The Code has numerous sections covering issues which arise from time to time in the neighborhoods. These include such topics as Animals & Fowl (Chap 2), Garbage, Refuse & Weeds (Chap 10), Smoking (Chap 12), Noise Control (Chap 15), Misallaneous Offenses & Provisions (Chap 17), Peddlers, Vendors & Canvassers (Chap 30), Real Estate Tax Relief for the Elderly (Chap 43), storm and waste water (Chaps 60-61), and Trees and Shrubs (Chap 67).

Parking regulations are contained in the County Zoning Ordnance.  Chapter 31 of this Ordnance contains regulations on trailers and RVs and home occupation (doing business from a residence).   Formal complaints may be filed with County’s Code Enforcement Section, 703-228-3232 during regular working hours.  The County Parking Manager is Sarah Stott,

Arlington requires registration of all vehicles located in the County, and payment of vehicle personal property tax.  See the Commissioner of Revenue page on the County web site for more information about fulfilling this requirement.  The Commissioner’s Compliance Division has a page to report unregistered vehicles.


The Arlington County Department of Environmental Services is also responsible for water and wastewater.  This link is to the web page covering that information.

Water main breaks or water emergencies — 24 hour hotline 703-228-6555

Remember to call MISS-UTILITY at 811 before digging.  They usually respond in about 48 hours to identify underground pipeline locations.