September 2023 Newsletter


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Off to a Busy Start
By Scott, Sklar, President, AHCA

I hope you enjoyed the summer – vacations, working in the yard, appreciating the extra rain (making up for our partial drought), and spending time with family and friends.

We have a series of ongoing issues that have not slowed down over the summer. 

One issue — speeding traffic and trucks going through our traffic circles and zooming through our neighborhoods. Good news! The county has installed sensors and counters on N. Jackson St. and N. Kenmore St. per our request. Once the data is collected, we can consider solutions to slow traffic and redirect trucks.

Small picture

Signs have begun to be installed on traffic circles, such as the one recently on N. Jackson St.

Big picture

A community letter, backed by an AHCA letter, went to County Manager Mark Schwartz on the super high parking-lot lights at the new CVS at N. Kenmore St. and Wilson Blvd. The lights shine endlessly at night onto the abutting houses around CVS. County Manager Mark Schwartz walked the site on April 24th. Hopefully, this will lead to lowering the lights, installing larger light shields and maybe, some taller bushes around the parking lot perimeter.

Neighbors near Dunkin Donuts and WBM Motors have been complaining about large rats in the area. The County has sent inspectors and they agree. WMB has fixed their bins and AHCA sent a listserv request that neighbors stop passers-by from throwing food and trash in them. Dunkin Donuts leaves their trash bin tops up, so if you see that, please go in and ask them to close them (or contact the County).

AHCA is working with the county to install “No Truck Parking” signs at the corner of Irving and 10th Streets to guarantee better sight lines for both pedestrians and turning vehicles. 

Our Development Committee (Co-chairs: Jack Spilsbury, Alexander Tuneski) is tracking the buildings being built on our borders with Clarendon, and follow-up to the Missing Middle Housing vote. Our Transportation Committee, (Chair: Patrick Lueb), is following up on traffic circle and traffic calming efforts mentioned earlier.

Our Tree Canopy and Native Plants Committee Chair Brooke Alexander, is following-up on tree planting and preservation. And our Stormwater lead, Chris Lewicki, is coordinating information on the new county efforts to add fees to our water-sewer bill on impermeable areas. 

Many issues were juggled this summer and I am sure these and other issues will grow — so check the AHCA Committee list in this newsletter and e-mail the chairs and co-chairs with questions or to join in the fun.

The way we increase livability and protect our quality of life – is to be engaged, and AHCA is set up for you to do just that …so stay involved and in-touch.

I hope to see you at our first AHCA fall meeting the third Wednesday of the month, September 20th at 7:30 p.m. at the Clarendon United Methodist Church social hall. Please bring in a new neighbor during our social networking time at 7 p.m., so we can introduce and get to know them.

I want to thank everyone for their dialogue on the listserv, your time on our committees, and for being such great neighbors. See you in September.

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