October 2023 Newsletter


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The Small Stuff Matters
By Scott Sklar, President, AHCA 

The last few months have been interesting and somewhat out of the mainstream.

Peter Lynch and Kevin Sweeney gave AHCA September meeting attendees an update on traffic issues. Saying it’s “a long and winding road” is an understatement. Ironically, after the meeting, a truck sped over another traffic circle on N. Jackson St. where Arlington County just put-up new signs after the last truck event. AHCA’s Transportation Chair, Patrick Lueb is working on a response from AHCA — please contact him at jiffy64@me.com to contribute.

While The Washington Post in September covered the rat problem in the District, I am glad to say our effort near North 10th Street with Arlington County to reduce our rat population, appears to be working. Dunkin’ Donuts and All Plumbing are taking preventive actions more seriously – but if you see their trash bins open, please complain to them or to the county.

I have gotten some complaints that residents in corner lots have let some of their bushes or lower-level trees block the intersection views of traffic. And I just noticed my sidewalk trees and bushes are drooping low over the front sidewalk and need to be trimmed (which I will trim before you receive this newsletter). Reminder: it’s just the time to trim trees and bushes, and make all our sidewalks and intersection views safer.

Under leadership of our newsletter editor, Amy Miller, supported by a great committee, you will be getting a survey in this newsletter and is also available online. Please fill it out. We’re trying to see if we keep the status quo, move our newsletter to our website to access electronically or do a smaller hard-copy version and have the full version on the website. We will also survey our advertisers before the AHCA Executive Committee deliberates on options. Please share your feedback.

The October AHCA meeting will try to demystify Arlington County’s stormwater utility program. Chris Lewicki, Brooke Alexander and Margaret Beach have put in some time to review the county’s revamped residential stormwater fees and credit program to lower fees. Please come and ask your questions at our next AHCA meeting on October 18th.

Finally, the educational effort we put in last year to leave some leaves along the fence line so lightning bugs can lay their eggs, had some beneficial impact. As autumn approaches, please support native ground covers, leave some mulch and leaves – support our wildlife, along with our trees which makes Ashton Heights so special.

Happy Autumn to everyone and thank you for making Ashton Heights such a great place to live.

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